1) Richard Niccol, Disney collaboration, Spring 2015, Ready-to-Wear. 

2-7) Robert Rodriguez, Spring 2014, Ready-to-Wear.

I’m design a dancer’s outfit for In Camera, therefore…

Woman On A Leopard Skin

by Otto Dix

Girl Before A Mirror

by Otto Dix

Louise Brooks. Actress and dancer of the twenties, infamous for her sexuality and responsible for the bob as we know it. 

Louise Brooks.

Raccoon Coat for men, circa 1920. Can I squeeze one into In Camera?

Still from Five Angels For The Millenium

by Bill Viola

Scott Sneddon, or Scotty Wings or Darkwing. I saw him kill it at Edinburgh Festival in in his show, Icarus Falling. Our magazine maxed him out on five stars. Awesome.

Five Angels For The Millenium

Bill Viola, 2001